Claim your own tree!
Receive a personalized certificate.

Every delegated wallet to our stake pool will receive its own tree.
A unique certificate will be available, linked to your wallet address.
Everything you will find on your certificate

Your certificate details


You will be able to see the exact GPS location of your tree on a map.


More background information about the species of your tree.

CO2 offset

The amount of CO2 that has been offset with your tree.


The certificate you will receive is registered to your wallet address.

Walk through these steps

How to receive your certificate

  • 1

    Delegate your wallet to Stake Green

  • 2
    Epoch end

    Wait until the current epoch ends

  • 3

    Plant the tree yourself

  • 4

    Download your certificate

Plant your tree!

After that you have delegated your wallet to Stake Green and the epoch has ended, it's time to plant your tree.

    1. How do I collect the tree?

    You can collect the tree by submitting your wallet address, which you are using to delegate to our pool. If this address is valid and registered, you will be redirected to the page where you can collect your tree.

    2. How do I get my unique certifcate?

    After collecting / planting your tree, you will be redirected to your tree overview page. On this page you will find the option to download your personal certificate.

    3. Do I need to register to collect my tree?

    You can stay fully anonymous while collecting and planting your tree. The tree will be linked to your wallet address. But if you like, you can create an account and start growing your own forest.

    If you want to stay anonymous, make sure you’ll press the skip registration button.
    Anonymous registrations tree-nation

    3. How do I find my wallet stake address?

    Almost every wallet will also show your stake address. If you can’t find it, you can find your wallet address, for example on the transactions page on cexplorer. Just copy a wallet receive address there and it will show you all the details about your wallet.

    Stake wallet address

    5. I cannot find my tree

    This feature has been released in epoch 396. All trees planted before that time aren’t linked to specific wallet addresses. If you still like your own personalized tree, we will plant another one for you. Just let us know by sending a message.

    If you have delegated your wallet after epoch 396 but cannot find your tree, let us know! The tree planting takes some time, but 24 hours after that the epoch has ended it should be available.

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