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We are giving away 500 ADA in total
After applying successfully every new delegator will receive 50 ADA

The rules that apply to our kickback bonus

Minimum size

A minimum wallet size of 5000 ADA is needed to be eligible.

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Minimum period

Delegate your wallet to us for a minimum period of 6 epochs.

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After delegating to STKGR, send your wallet address to us with the form below.

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You will receive your kickback bonus after 6 epochs have passed.

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    1. How long do I have to delegate my wallet?

    You have to delegate your wallet to Stake Green for a minimum period of 6 epochs. Example: If you start delegating during epoch 395 you have to stay until the end of epoch 400. 

    2. When do I receive my kickback bonus?

    You will receive your kickback bonus automatically if you have met all the criteria mentioned on this page and the minimum delegating period of 6 epochs has passed. In the given example of question 1 you will receive your bonus in epoch 401.

    3. How do I find my wallet stake address?

    Almost every wallet will also show your stake address. If you can’t find it, you can find your wallet address, for example on the transactions page on cexplorer. Just copy a wallet receive address there, and it will show you all the details about your wallet.

    Stake wallet address

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